Friday, January 20, 2012

A little something girly...

I have two little boys here at home with me.  Two little boys under two in fact.  After playing trucks, making monster noises & cleaning up lots (& lots & lots) of messes, when I do get a few spare mintues to do some crafting, it's usually something girly.  Unfortunately I don't always have someone girly to try out my creations upon.  Hence what took place in our house today...

Yes... that's my handsome little guy modeling some headbands I whipped up today.  Hey, I needed a teensy tiny little head & his fit the bill. He looks a little 'less-than-thrilled' with the whole ordeal.  (Probably not nearly as 'less-than-thrilled' as my husband will be when I show him these pictures though.)

Oh, & just to quelch any fears, the headband in the top photo has already been disassembled & is awaiting it's purpose elsewhere... somewhere a little less crazy & a lot less Carmen Miranda-ish. 

Considering it's been an entire week since I've sat down to blog (two little boys under two apparently has that effect on your blogging life), I'm excited to say that I actually purchased the pattern for those cute little dolls I am planning on crafting.  I purchased it, downloaded it & even looked at it on my computer screen.  That's as far as it's gotten.  No worries though-- it's on my to-do list. 

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